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Enbio S is a compact class B steam steriliser conforming to standard EN 13060. It is classified as a class IIb medical device according to Annex IX to Directive 93/42/EEC.

Enbio S can be used for sterilising tools in basic healthcare, dental clinics and treatment rooms.
It can also be used for non-medical applications: in beauty & wellness salons, in veterinary practices, tattoo studios, piercing and hairdressing salons.

Ultra fast

The instant sterilization process means that every tool that is needed can be sterilized right away.

Quiet and compact

Compact design, small dimensions and quiet operation allow you to use Enbio S always at hand.

Modern design

A unique design that draws attention. Intuitive operation.

  • Most compact size on the market: 25 cm (W) x 16 cm (H) x 56 cm (L)
  • Fastest (7 min)
  • Class B (highest), medical device certificate
  • Conforms to all EU standards
  • Tools can be sterilised in bulk or in packs
  • 2 years warranty, 24/7 technical service
    (you get a replacement or a new device)
  • Lowest price: 996 Euro net

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Fast and convenient way to sterilize your tools.


Program 134oC FAST 134oC 121oC
Class S B B
Type of tools unwrapped wrapped / unwrapped wrapped / unwrapped
Temperature 134oC 134oC 121oC
Initial vacuum 1 3 3
Sterilization time in min 3,5 4 15
Drying time in min 3 5
Total process time in min 7 15 30

Tools & Instruments

Instruments subjected to sterilization can be sterilised in bulk.

Tools sterilization in minutes


Power supply 230V/50Hz
Power output 3250 W
Maximum current consumption 15 A
Operating pressure 2,1 Bar
Maximum pressure 2,3 Bar
Maximum process temperature 137°C
Volume of the process chamber 2,7l
Dimensions of the process chamber (LxWxH) 292x192x45mm
External dimension of the device (LxWxH) 561x252x162mm
Weight 15kg
IP Code IP20
Recording process data USB Drive

Nearly one million people are infected with hepatitis B and C in just United Kingdom.

These diseases do not show any signs or symptoms at first; however, they may cause serious complications. You can never tell whether a client who visits your office is healthy. The virus is easily contracted, such as by unsterilized instruments coming into contact with damaged skin tissue

Enbio S guarantees full protection.


Tools & Instruments

Instruments subject to sterilization should be clean, dry, properly packaged and placed in the sterilizer chamber.
Complementary or rarely used instruments should be sterilized in packages. Only 1 set of tools ready to use immediately after sterilization can be sterilized unwrapped.


All functions are operated from the intuitive touchscreen, which displays the progress of the sterilization process.


Plug and play

Operation of the Enbio S autoclave is intuitive and requires no additional training. All you need to run the device is a standard electrical outlet. Turn the device on and start working. As simple as that.

Data archiving and reading

Each sterilization operation is automatically stored on a USB drive.

Based on standard 13060 classification, Enbio S can be used to sterilise medical products: solid batches, small porous objects, small porous batches, full porous batches, straight indented objects, objects with a narrow clearance, multiple-use packages – packed or bulk (with one and more layers).

Warranty and service

If the device fails, our 1-year warranty covers the replacement of the autoclave with a new one. We send a courier who will deliver a new device, and collect the damaged one. The service is free of charge.

Product presentation (information broshure). Technical specification.


Why Enbio S? A collection of users’ feedback.

An exceptional product! Small size, super fast times, a sterilization cycle in 15 minutes, super quiet … reduced cost! Very simple to use and aesthetically beautiful! What to say? A fantastic purchase !!

Formasun, Rome, Italy

We find the device irreplaceable. Gives me a safe feeling. Infection risks are thus reduced to zero percent.

Studio 358, Berlin, Germany

Helps us a lot. Everything made easy and the sterilization process is lightning fast.

American Nails & Spa, Düsseldorf, Germany

We have always been waiting for that. Enbio S is the ideal solution for our studio. Easy to handle.

Die Nagelmanufaktur Lindenthal, Kologne, Germany


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