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In MICROJET autoclave, all energy required for sterilization is delivered directly to the medium. Microwave beam heats inserted media instantly and uniformly throughout the volume of the liquid.

Compared with conventional steam autoclave, sterilization process time is reduced 5 – fold, and exposure to high temperature is very short (60-90 seconds). Decomposition of microbial nutrient is limited to a minimum.


Steam Sterilization and BI Monitoring
Liquid Loads/ Liquid Media (PDF)

Information provided by Russ Nyberg (BS, BSEd. MAM),
Director of Tech Support for Raven Biological Laboratories Inc.


Steam Sterilization of Liquid Filled Containers
Garrett Krushefski Scientific & Technical Services Manager


Microwave sterilized media supports better
microbial growth than autoclaved media

Vijay Kothari*, Mohini Patadia and Neha Trivedi#
Institute of Science, Nirma University, S-G Highway, Ahmedabad-382481, India