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Sterilization technology



Direct Energy Transfer – liquid media placed in the chamber are directly heated using microwave beam.

Process parameters

Sterilization temperature 135 deg. C
Media exposure to high temperature 80 s
Time of heating 1,5-4,5 min
Time of cooling approx. 4-8 min
Total process time 7-12,5 min
Media temperature when completed 95 deg. C


Media containers

Standard Erlenmeyer flasks and lab bottles,
glass or plastic, temperature resistant up to 135 deg. C.

Technical data

Power supply 230V/50Hz
Output power 0,95 kW
Max current 8 A
Working pressure 3,6 bar
Maximum pressure 5 bar
Weight 15 kg
Process chamber volume 2 l
Electromagnetic waves frequency 2450 MHz
Protection class IP 20
Data archiving MicroSD card