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Steamjet Plus soon available

Steamjet ST02 is a compact class B steam steriliser conforming to standard EN 13060. It is classified as a class IIb medical device according to Annex IX to Directive 93/42/EEC.

Steamjet Plus ST02 is a bigger version of Steamjet ST01. Its processing chamber is twice as large. It may be used for the sterilisation of tools in primary healthcare practices, dental practices, and in treatment rooms. The Steamjet device can also be used for non-medical applications such as in beauty parlours and biological regeneration studios, veterinary practices, tattoo art and piercing studios, and in hair salons.


The fastest

The instant sterilisation process enables the prompt sterilisation of any instrument that is required at the time.


Quiet and compact

Due to its compact structure, optimal capacity, and exceptionally quiet operation, the STEAMJET PLUS can be used at any time, and is always close at hand.

Unique appearance

STEAMJET PLUS has unique design that draws attention. Intuitive operation.

  • Optimal size (27 cm x 20 cm x 56 cm)
  • Fast sterilisation(20 mins)
  • The highest Class B, certificate for medical devices
  • Instruments can be sterilised separately or in packs
  • 2-year warranty (we ship a new device)
  • Complies with all European requirements
  • Lowest price: 1250 Euro + Vat

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Total process duration in minutes


Sterilisation of unpacked instruments or tools in packs, placed on the tray of the steriliser.


Program 134oC 121oC
Type of tools wrapped / unwrapped wrapped / unwrapped
Temperature 134oC 121oC
Initial vacuum 3 3
Sterilization time 4 min 15 min
Drying time 6 min 8 min
Total process time 25 min 40 min


Steamjet Steamjet Plus
Process chamber capacity 2,7 l 5,3 l
Process chamber size 292 x 192 x 45 mm 300 x 200 x 90 mm
Overall size 561 x 252 x 162 mm 561 x 270 x 202 mm
Weight 15 kg 21 kg
Maximum load weight 0,5 kg 1 kg
Approximate maximum number of packs 8 16
Total sterilisation time with drying at 134°C 15 min 25 min
Total sterilisation time with drying at 121°C 30 min 40 min
Power 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Installation capacity 3500W 3500W
Maximum current consumption 15 A 15 A
Working pressure 2,1 Bar 2,1 Bar
Maximum pressure 2,3 Bar 2,3 Bar
Maximum process temperature 136° 136°
Use of distilled/demineralised water external external
Protection class IP20 IP20
Process data archivisation USB Drive USB Drive


The sterilised instruments should be clean, dry, properly packed, and placed in the chamber of the steriliser. Auxiliary or rarely used tools should be sterilised in packaging. Only one unwrapped set of instruments is sterilised, and ready to use immediately after the sterilisation process.


All functions are operated using an intuitive touch-screen with a live view of the sterilisation phase.

Plug and play

Operation of the STEAMJET PLUS autoclave is intuitive and does not require any additional training. To start the device, only a standard power point is needed. Switch it on and start work immediately. Just like that.

Data archiving

The progress of each performed sterilisation is automatically saved on a USB flash drive.

Product presentation. Technical data.


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According to the classification under standard 13060, the Steamjet ST01 device can sterilise the following medical devices: solid charges, small porous objects, small porous charges, full porous charges, simple hollowed items, items with a narrow gap, multiple use packs that may be unwrapped, single-layer wrapped or multiple-layer wrapped.